RVC Architects continues to expand upon the original archetype of open communications allowing for stronger collaboration efforts and innovative design concepts. We provide our staff with the ability and resources to diversify and expand into different classifications of architecture. Education both in the field and in the classroom, is paramount.


We are always looking forward to the next generation. Original ideas will help to shape our community and grow our rural Appalachian roots. Internships are available on a limited basis, so please apply early. Career opportunities for design and support staff are based upon education, experience, and enlightenment.


RVC Architects cannot provide our clients excellent service without an excellent staff. We maintain a casual “studio culture” atmosphere, but expect our staff to be respectful and professional to our clients and each other. We offer health care coverage, HSA, 401k benefits, short and long term disability coverage, and vision and dental insurance.

If you are interested in a permanent position or internship with our firm, please contact smith@rvcarchitects.com